Muro Articulado V2

For the Interface Lab from the IMA Low Res program I began experimenting with physical interfaces which connect to virtual environments .

For starting with Unity I´ve made a recreation of Muro Articulado by Herbert Bayer, an sculpture from Ruta de la Amistad, an art project from Mexico 68 Olympics. The next photo is the first version of the 3D scultpture.

Then we had to make a physical interface with one sensor which connects to Unity, we made it with Arduino IOT 33, an easy microcontroller for starting with physical computing. For my project I’ve decided to use an LDR which is used as a light sensor, this was my prototype:

The I’ve decided to link the data incoming from that sensor to the actual lighting at the virtual sculpture, so using Ardity (a Unity library for connecting Arduino via serial port) I’ve managed to get it connected.

I’d really like working into expanding this project, it feels like a bridge between the “real” and virtual, been able to portray somethinf from the analogic world into a virtual environment and then affecting it with data coming from the reality is still an early concept for me which I want to dive in.

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