Úumbal: Nomad choreography for inhabitants is a project created and directed by Mariana Arteaga. It consisted on a colective choreography where after a long experimentation process and essays, there where different street interventions all along Mexico City with music, dance and performance, looking for a reappropriation of public spaces.

For this project it was needed a sound system integrated with the people contingent which will roam the streets, for accompany with music its dance. On this way after experimenting with many technologies, it was concluded that an FM transmission would be the best option.

There were constructed loudspeaker-backpacks, inspired by Mexico City's subway ambulant merchants, which were connected to paticipants cellphones which were tuned to a radio station De esta forma se idearon mochilas con bocinas, inspiradas en las de los vendedores ambulantes del metro de la Ciudad de México, las cuales se conectaban a el celular de los participantes que a su vez sintonizaban una estación de radio. On the other side we had a backpack with a FM transmissor and an antenna, which made possible the simultaneous transmission to all the devices.

This project was made on a collaboration with Hugo Vargas for the circuit making and design for the devices. For more information about the project including the audio devices, check this link. Este proyecto fue una colaboración con Hugo Vargas para la realización de la electrónica de los dispositivos.