Large scale installation for Cervantino International Festival in Guanajuato city. This project was a collaboration between the festival and Centro de Cultura Digital, produced by LUM Arte y Medios. Audience could be face scanned either by an on-site station or a web application, their faces were analyzed by a facial recognition algorithm which visualized the […]

The Voice We Hear Through Time

This is my thesis project for the IMA Low Res masters program in New York University. A maze of words, visuals and sound. A space to become lost and found in an introspective non-linear narrative. It is a web experience done with Twine and Tweego for being able to control the project with more flexibility […]

Secret Forest

Interactive web experience which uses videocalling technologies for creating a performance space where people can play music together across the network. Collaboration with Yiru Lu

Ausencia: Memoria Colectiva

This light sculpture was done for Cervantino International Festival XLVIII on Guanajuato city. It was a collaboration from the festival and Centro de Cultura Digital, produced by LUM Arte y Medios. I’ve designed the Touchdesigner architecture for show control, twitter visualization and streaming with animated overlays. The light sculpture was situated on a theater but […]

Señal|Error de contacto

A telematic dance performance during lockdown because of pandemics, it was done by Laboratorio de Escena en Red an art collective which I joined for doing this piece. I collaborate with Hugo Solís for designing a methodology for playing over the network using Jacktrip and Ableton Live, sending the feed to the streaming computer, every […]


Interactive installation for Memorial from Centro de Cultura Digital. A wheel interface at the middle of the room controlled light animations and multi-channel sound. Collaboration with Ivonne Valdez and Emmanuel Arenas

Mensajes Sonoros

A series of live A/V shows featuring experimental performances by mexican electronic musicians. The concerts happened between 2018 and 2019 on different spaces from Centro de Cultura Digital including a large LED screen, a theater with surround sound system, an immersive room with RGB lighting and a final concert happening on the Estela de Luz […]

Tortilla Stories

Multimedia live performance/documentary about immigration stories and their relationship with food. This was a project by Mel Orozco in collaboration with Sejo Vega-Cebrián. Presented on Processing Community Day 2019.

Arborescencia Programada

Generative poem based on tree forms. Writing generate branches which contain markov-chain based text from a database of nature related poems This was a collaboration with Carlos Bergen and Electronic Literature Laboratory from Centro de Cultura Digital Featured on Electronic Literature Collection V4 Selected press https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/columna/herles-velasco/nacion/arborescencia-programada https://archivocartografia.cl/fichas/arborescencia-programada/ http://biblumliteraria.blogspot.com/2019/09/arborescencia-programada.html https://soundcloud.com/ccd-radio/glitch-9-segunda-temporada-arborescencia-programada?in=ccd-radio/sets/glitch

Todo se construye

This was an exhibition featuring different experiments from the Shared Technologies Lab from Centro de Cultura Digital. The different pieces were devices with interactive features as motion detection, audio-reactive interfaces, light and sound immersion, robotics and IoT. Selected press